Bunion Treatment

Bunion Treatment Fremantle
Do you have painful Bunions? Your Podiatrists at George St Podiatry can provide advice and treatment for this condition!

A Bunion (Hallux Valgus) occurs when the 2 bones surrounding the big toe joint move out of alignment. The big toe often moves towards the outside of the foot and can cross under the 2nd toe. The bone below the big toe, called the metatarsal can move towards the other foot. This can make the forefoot wider and a noticeable bump may be present. Bunions are more common in women, but can affect anyone including children. They often worsen over time and are commonly seen in the middle aged and older generations. There are number of causes for bunions including ill-fitting shoes and a family history. Symptoms include pain, redness and swelling over the bump, stiffness and the development of a hammer toe in the 2nd toe.Treatment of a bunion is often decided upon by the severity of pain and deformity. A Podiatrist can offer you footwear advice and provide padding or orthoses to protect and support the joint. They may order an x-ray to determine the severity of the deformity and in some cases refer you for a surgical opininon.