Diabetics And Foot Health

People with Diabetes may develop problems with the smaller blood vessels which supply the feet. As the circulation gets worse, so do the person’s nerves and muscles that rely on this blood supply. The foot problems in diabetes will often lead to numbness and muscle wasting in the ankle, feet and toes. The person’s ability to detect a problem, like a cut, sore or burn is decreased due to the gradual loss of feeling in the feet, exposing them to the risk of even worseinjury , infection or diabetic foot ulcer. Our podiatrists are able to assist with regular routine neurologic, vascular and walking examination. This is very important to maintaining good foot health for our increasing diabetic population. Many people with Diabetes may also qualify for treatment under the government’s Medicare program, please ask your doctor for a referral to us and check if you qualify for this type of service for diabetic foot care.

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